Through kinetic dance, immersive imagery and an original live score, Stones considers the spectrum and history of violence against women by focusing on one of its most extreme iterations: the practice of stoning. Don’t miss this unique and powerful work created by a diverse cast of some of Toronto’s most fierce and gifted female artists.
Creative Team
Lead Creator and Director: Anita La Selva
Performed by:
Nickeshia Garrick
Roshanak Jaberi
Lilia Leon
Anoshinie Muhundarajah
Sarah Murphy-Dyson
Roula Said
Waleed Abdulhamid
Trevor Schwellnus: Scenography
Jackie Chau: Costume Design
Maddie Bautista: Sound Design
Christina Cicko: Stage Manager
Remington North: Production Manager
Soheil Parsa: Production Dramaturge
Stones was created by Anita La Selva with Nickeshia Garrick, Roshanak Jaberi, Lilia Leon, Roula Said, Katelyn McCulloch, Tosha Doiron, Krystal Kiran and Michelle Polak.
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