Obeah Opera
The cast of 20 serves as both orchestra and vocal leads, as Obeah Opera redefines the traditional opera form away from its European roots, using an array of Black musical genres including spirituals, jazz, ska, Calypso, and traditional African and Caribbean folk. With an inter-disciplinary approach that incorporates musical theatre, opera, dance and Caribbean costumes, Obeah Opera is “an inspiring work. Uplifting, original, as athletic as it is musical, one can’t help but get swept up in the show’s infectious, refreshing spirit.
A Nicole Brooks Vision, Presented and Commissioned by Luminato
June 13-22, 2019
The Fleck Dance Theatre at Harbourfront Centre
Creator / Writer / Composer: Nicole Brooks
Director: Lezlie Wade
Co-Director / Choreographer: Anthony Prime Guerra
Musical Direction: Melanie DeMore
Set and Costume Design: Robin Fisher
Lighting Design: Bonnie Beecher
Sound Design: Emily Porter 
Producer: Sascha Cole

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