Let the feeling flow | Elemental Allegory
Client  - lululemon • Let the feeling flow
Breathtaking. Chills. Tears. Just a few of the things we felt when we saw this piece for the first time. We offered our platform to Ebony Williams, our Store Ambassador, this holiday season to let the feeling flow. Created entirely by her, this is a powerful choreographed journey you don’t want to miss. 
Creator/Co-Director/Producer: Ebony Williams
Co-Creator/Co-Director/Producer: Apolla Echino 
Producer: Thomas Green
Original Music by: Lindsey Hailes, Charles Myers, Dan Winshall
Writer of the spoken word: Miki Michelle
Talent: Lindsey Hailes, Cara Diaz, Miki Michelle
DP's: Jeremy Mimnagh, Casey Brooks
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter
Editor: Pasha Nowrouzi 
Associate Choreographer: Amanda Wilson
Assistant Choreographer: Olivia Cipolla
Makeup: Ehlie Luna
Production Coordinator: Morgan Warren
Production Assistant: Nii Engmann
Special Thanks: Vinateria Restaurant and Lakey Wolff

*COVID safety protocols were followed during production.

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