Aluna Theatre - Dividing Lines | Líneas Divisorias
Love is thicker than blood.

In this daring biographical video-essay Beatriz struggles with a choice: whether she should stand and continue to watch her mother’s suffering or whether she should help end her life. Borrowing from structures of documentary theatre and ceremony, Dividing Lines | Líneas Divisorias deconstructs the author’s watershed moments to reflect on how do we want to die and how do we want to live.

We don’t talk much about dying. As Canada begins to establish laws for euthanasia and assisted suicide, many are being left out – those who desperately need to end their pain, suffering, and the degradation of their personalities and cognition. In this poem on dying, we witness the process of arriving at a decision by placing the personal in the historical context that informs this choice.

Playwright and performer: Beatriz Pizano* 
Director / Scenographer: Trevor Schwellnus
Original Composition / Musician: Brandon Valdivia
Costume Designer / Associate Set Designer: Andjelija Djuric
Stage Manager: Sandy Plunkett
Production Manager / Associate Lighting Designer: Rebecca Vandevelde
Producer: Sue Balint
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