A simple outstretched hand, another hiding a face. What do they express? Fascinated by new virtual modes of communication, Toronto-based Chinese choreographer Naishi Wang draws inspiration from body language, emojis and the rudiments of speech to create Face to Face. A duo both dense and bewitching on the ambiguities of communication, where the body becomes a key opening windows to infinity.
Between hand games, rhythm games or simple hugs, Naishi Wang and his accomplice Lukas Malkowski, magnificent performers, speak in movement. Sometimes in mirror, sometimes in opposition, their fluid or syncopated gestures x-ray our moods, changing and impregnable. A hymn to imperfect transmission, Face to Face draws the ramifications of our connections to the world, to the other, and invites the public to decipher its secrets.
A show by Naishi Wang
Ideation, choreography and interpretation Naishi Wang
Co-creation and interpretation Lukas Malkowski
Outside view Ginelle Chagnon
Dramaturgy and video Ivy Wang
Henry Mak Video Support
Wen Yang Ho sound design
Adam X Suits
Management A.J Morra
Administration Dance Umbrella of Ontario
Coproduction Festival TransAmériques + Citadel+Company (Toronto)
With the support of Canada Council for the Arts + Ontario Arts Council + Toronto Arts Council + Goethe-Institut Montréal
Co-presented by La Chapelle Contemporary Scenes
Premiere at The Citadel, Toronto, April 20, 2022
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