“Pearle is a wise, frank dispenser of truths. She’s like Greek tragedy’s Cassandra, as played by Eve Arden.”
— NOW Magazine

Not long from now, in the scorched Arctic Circle, alone and lovesick survivor counts down the days til The Grand Prize Winner – humanity’s last hope – returns. As she waits, she sings. Distant Early Warning is a post-annihilation love story about which warnings we hear, which we ignore, and our enduring hope for a better tomorrow.
Justin Miller // writer + performer
J.W. (John) Turner* // director
Sandra Balcovkse // dramaturge
Giuseppe Condello // stage manager
Rebecca Vandevelde // production manager
Steven Conway // music direction
Chris Ross-Ewart // sound design
Jareth Li // lighting design
Jackie Chau // set design
Julia Howman // projection design
Heath V. Salazar // choreographer
Nick Potter // MoonMist video design
Justin Miller // costume design
Ella Wieckowski // lighting associate
Gabriel Woo // design apprentice
Rebecca Ballarin // producer
Lauren Gillis + Justin Miller // prop fabrication
Karen Hines // consultant
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