Since September 2016, a group of queer youth and elders have been engaged in weekly, theatre-based explorations of queer identities and personal histories, led by Buddies’ artistic director Evalyn Parry, Vanessa Dunn, and LeeLee Davis. From over 50 community members who attended the initial workshops, a thirteen-member ensemble was formed, ranging in age from 18 to 73, with varying degrees of formal theatre training.
directed by Evalyn Parry with Leelee Davis + Vanessa Dunn performed + created by Jordan Campbell, Daniel Carter, Brian Cope, Monica Garrido, Genady Gavleshov, Riley Kelk, Bella Larsen, Lezlie Lee Kam, Neila Lem, Lila Pine, Russell Powell, Shauna Sloan + Ty Sloane
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